We already know that Medell Stromm and a slew of Spidey villains are after Felicia Hardy in Sony’s Silver and Black, but we can also tell you they aren’t the only ones. Hardy will be on the run and beset on all sides as Dominic Fortune and the U.S. Department of Justice are out to get her as well!

As everyone knows, Felicia Hardy is a thief and when you steal from someone, especially the wrong person, he might come after you. In Silver and Black, Hardy has everyone on her tail, including the U.S. Government. What follows is a breakdown of part of the team sent after her, which pays homage to Silver Sable’s comic book gang known as the Wild Pack.

Dominic Fortune

One of the most interesting aspects of this film, expected to take place in what’s being described as a shared reality with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the inclusion of brigand for hire Dominic Fortune. Fortune, played by Delroy Lindo, was set to headline ABC’s Marvel’s Most Wanted before it lost its footing and disappeared from the radar. Fortune’s appearance here would seem to indicate some measure of increased collaboration between the two studios unless, for reasons I couldn’t readily explain, Sony has always had the movie rights to Fortune as part of, or in addition to, their rights to Spider-Man. But on with the show…

This version of Fortune seems to be less of a brigand and more of a reformed man of justice. Fortune, it seems, shares a long history with Silver and, like her, is in pursuit of Hardy, the twist being that Fortune is employed by the U.S. Department of Justice. This isn’t too unlike some of the more modern versions of Fortune, including the Sable and Fortune mini-series in which the two worked together, ┬ábut it is a departure from his Han Solo-esque earlier days. Speaking of, we expect the character to have a bit of the rogueishness associated with Solo and to end up potentially returning to the future films, potentially in a little larger role than the one he plays here on the DoJ team. Speaking of the DoJ team, we think you’ll find the team leader to be extremely interesting…

Agent Mark Sim

You can try to spin this one a million ways from Sunday, but we are quite frankly shocked at the inclusion of this character in a Sony film. A Korean-American DoJ agent, Sim is the lead man on the hunt for Hardy and brings Fortune in to help and doesn’t have a large role in the film at all. However, it’s his comic book counterpart that has us really questioning the depth of the cooperation between Marvel Studios and Disney. The only Marvel Comics character with that name is a relatively new character, created by Christopher Yost who, not so coincidentally, penned the first draft of the script for the film. The character, who you may know better as Haechi, is one of the Nuhumans created by Black Bolt’s Terrigen bomb and first appeared in 2014’s New Warriors. Much like Fortune, we can’t come up with really solid reason why Sony would hold the rights to a character created years after their deal with Marvel, so we believe this MAY be a pretty good indicator that there’s a lot more behind-the-scenes collaboration going on than we are lead to believe.

I wouldn’t expect this version of Sim to necessarily be an Inhuman, absorb energy or transform into a mythical Korean creature, but there really don’t seem to be other Korean-American characters named Mark Sim in Marvel Comics so given the inclusion of Yost on both projects, it seems like this is at least the inspiration for the character in the film.

Powell and Klein

Two members of Sim’s DoJ squad sent after Hardy, Powell and Klein seem like straight up nods to members of Silver Sable’s Wild Pack. The Wild Pack, originally put together by Silver’s father, Ernst, were kind of Marvel Comics A-Team. Assembled to take on international weapons’ dealers, war criminals and terrorists, the crew found a home in Silver’s homeland of Symkaria and later New York, from which to launch their Expendables-type expeditions. Among the many members of the team over the years were a man named Doug Powell, whose cousin Samantha also worked for the team, and woman named Lorna Kleinfeldt, who managed the Wild Pack. Without going full comic book Wild Pack here, it seems Sony is at least giving a nod to some classic Silver Sable allies.

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