It was recently reported that Warner Bros. was looking to expand its slate of DC movies, hoping to potentially push out as many as four films a year. While that would mean adding some new titles to those previously announced, it also means they need to get the ball rolling on some of their originally announced slate. To that end, it seems that they have been working at compiling talent for their Green Lantern Corps film, including a director.

That Hashtag Show can confirm that director Rupert Wyatt is currently attached to the film which is currently scheduled for a 2020 release. Wyatt, best known for 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and is in post-production now on his sci-fi thriller Captive State, which he also wrote and produced, and seems to have cleared his schedule to take on the ambitious Green Lantern Corps film.


The film, which has been described as Lethal Weapon in Space, will see an older Hal Jordan mentoring the young John Stewart. Though the roles remain open, the studio is looking for someone 39-50 for the role of Jordan while looking for someone quite a bit younger for the role of Stewart, hoping to catch an actor in his 20s.

Hal Jordan: Caucasian, 39 – 50. A former military test pilot, he is now a veteran of the Green Lantern Corps.

John Stewart: African- American male, 21 – 30. Prior to joining the Green Lantern Corp, he was a sniper in the military.

The move to Wyatt, who walked away from the long-gestating Gambit film, represents a bold move for WB. Wyatt has said in the past he prefers to direct his own screenplays but is open to films whose scripts he believes work well as written. With this project, Wyatt will be working from a script written by David Goyer and Justin Rhodes which is expected to follow some of the beats of Stewart’s comic book origins.

Though the studio has held a June 19, 2020 date for the film, it’s possible they could bump it up to an earlier date, especially with so many of their other films having so many moving parts at present. With SDCC ‘17 just around the corner, we won’t have long to find out what plans, if any, the studio has in that regard and hopefully get an official confirmation of Wyatt!

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