Ant-Man and The Wasp has begun production in Atlanta where it will be filming through November. Hannah John-Kamen has joined the cast as Dawn and while we wait to see who has been cast as Janet van Dyne and which actress will be cast in the role of Luis’ girlfriend Victoria, we can tell you that there will be big time addition to the good guys’ team. THS has learned that Marvel Studios will add a character to the sequel whom we believe to be Bill Foster!

While details are sparse, we know that the studio has a party interested in filling the role of a highly intelligent African American male between 55-65. While we weren’t told which actor has his eyes on the prize, we do believe we can deduce from Ant-Man’s comic mythology that the role is LIKELY to be that of Dr. Bill Foster. For those unfamiliar with the character, Foster was a brilliant biochemist who worked with Hank Pym before eventually becoming a hero in his own right. Foster, who worked as the hero Goliath, was a longtime ally of many of Marvel’s heroes and would make an absolutely excellent addition to the cast.

Given the age of the actor being sought, it seems that this version of Foster will be a contemporary of Pym’s, possibly brought in to help solve some problems with the enlarging properties of the Pym Particles displayed by Scott Lang in Captain America: Civil War. Of course it’s possible that the role is not that of Foster, in which case Dr. Adam Brashear would be another option, but given his comic book history, Foster is the best fit.

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