It’s no secret that The Thinker would be coming to Season 4 of The Flash. After being teased by Abra Kadabra, producers of the show confirmed that Clifford Devoe would be the next antagonist for Barry Allen and the S.T.A.R. Labs team. However, TV Line recently teased another addition to the cast for the upcoming season and we can now confirm that role, as well as one more! Keep reading for the character breakdowns of the 3 new additions!

CLIFFORD DEVOE/THE THINKERMale, 40-50, Any Ethnicity. After being caught in the particle accelerator explosion, Clifford Devoe became an extremely intelligent meta-human. A super genius who’s plans to fix all  he sees wrong with humanity. Regular for Season 4

The addition of Devoe as the villain means we will get to focus on an entirely different side of Barry Allen. While he’s the fastest man alive, he’s also quite brilliant. Faced with a challenge on the level of the thinker, maybe we could see Barry’s Speed Force powers continue to evolve and, much like they did in the comics, help him make decisions in such a way that it appeared he knew the future.

Devoe sounds pretty awful, as does any villain who is going to “clean up humanity” but it sounds like that while his mind his strong, his body is weak. To help with that, he’s going to be relying on another new Season 4 character…


THE MECHANICFemale, 30-40, Any Ethnicity. An extremely intelligent engineer who will design devices for Clifford Devoe. Basically, Devoe’s right hand. She’ll support Devoe no matter the consequences. RECURRING GUEST

This character is interesting as she does not seem to have a direct analog in the comics. It seems more likely she’ll be a relatively new character based off of some relatively rare characters. However, it does appear that her mind and her inventions will be put to the test, not just by the Thinker, but by the S.T.A.R. Labs team.

With a threat like the Thinker on the loose, the team is going to need all the help they can get. We saved the best for last here…

Fan theories about the new character that would stretch the limits of TV VFX have centered on Ralph Dibny, aka the Elongated Man, and we are able to confirm that those fan theories are spot on as Dibny will be joining the series in Season 4!

[RALPH DIBNY/ELONGATED MAN] Male, Mid to late 30s, Any Ethnicity. A Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt type. Ralph is able to drastically change the shape of his body, but is having a difficult time changing his ways. Will most likely be comedic relief for the season. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR, COULD COME BACK IN SEASON 5

It certainly sound like Dibny is set to bring comic relief to the show and given his abilities, we can imagine what kinds of jokes Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt might make. In the comics, Dibny gained his powers from refining a serum from gingo fruit and was quite an accomplished chemist. He was also one of DC’s finest detectives, implementing the same sort of deductive logic we’ve come to associate with Sherlock Holmes. In the comics, his character was shaped by the wife of his death Sue, and given the description, we wonder if he might have  had something similar befall him in this iteration.

Three major additions to Season 4 of the Flash! Keep coming back to THS as we continue to bring you news you are not getting anywhere else!!!


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