X-Men: Last Stand (2006)
Famke Janssen as Dr. Jean Grey/Phoenix

Sophie Turner may be gearing up to play Jean Grey for the second time, but Famke Janssen made the role famous with her portrayal in the first 3 X-Men films to her cameo appearance in The Wolverine. Recently at an appearance at Denver Comic Con, Janssen spoke about her experience playing the role. “That was so amazing. I never knew…I don’t think any of us had any understanding of how popular our first movie was going to be and that it was gonna live on for 15 plus years,” Janssen said. “And then I certainly didn’t realize…I mean I knew Jean Grey could turn into Dark Phoenix, obviously, and that Phoenix rises from the ashes, but the fact that as Jean Grey or the Phoenix they’ve killed me, I’ve come back, I’m like a cockroach. They can’t get rid of me.”

Janssen obviously has very fond memories of playing the iconic telepath, but she also doesn’t have high of ever reprising the role again. “It’s the gift that keeps on, kept on giving. I think we’re done, but it was really great while it lasted and it lasted for a long time. It’s been nothing but a pleasure working not just as Jean Grey, which was such an honor because comics were so fantastic already, but then the entire cast who I got to play with, all my fellow actors, thespians who are so talented. It was just a wonderful experience. I’m very grateful,” she explained.

The real question is if she was asked to come back to play the character, would she return. “Jean Grey is a part of me. I would definitely come back to play her whenever they ask me,” Janssen elaborated.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will hit theater on November 2, 2018.



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