The disappearance of the inhabitants of Roanoke colony remains a mystery to this day, but “Virgin Wolf,”  a horror comic by Alverne Bell, Douglas Felix, and Adriana de los Santos, proposes an answer to the mystery. Bell’s comic series asks the question, “What if the Roanoke colony did not disappear but were instead slaughtered by werewolves?” The series follows the sole survivor of the slaughter, a young girl named Virgin, as she travels across 16th century France, hunting the father of all werewolves to strike him down just as he did her family.

Bell has partnered with Phoenix Dreams Publishing to publish a full collection comprised of “Virgin Wolf’s” first eight issues and prologue. Earlier this year, the publisher successfully funded the publishing of an American manga series called “Death Sin” by Jordan Troche on Kickstarter.

The goal for the comic series’ Kickstarter is $8,000. If funded, Phoenix Dreams Publishing is planning to release the 208 page collection in both soft and hardbound in November of this year. Rewards include everything from digital and physical copies of the collection and exclusive behind the scenes content, to having yourself added to the story as a minor character in Volume 2, which is scheduled for a July 2018 release.

Bell, who has been working on the comic since 2000: “I had the idea for this comic years ago, and I never imagined it would become so big. It’s been amazing to watch the characters come to life through the Douglas and Adriana’ artwork. I look forward to continuing my journey with Virgin and the Wolfen for many more years to come.”

Bell has been writing comics and teaching others how to write them for several years. He has written comic and graphic novel material for many companies, including Paramount Pictures, McGraw-Hill, Lions Forge Comics, and New Paradigm Entertainment.

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