The Flash Season 4 is ready to shake thing up. After doing three Speedsters in a row, the show is ready for a big change.

“The way we’re explaining it is the fastest man alive versus the fastest mind alive. A big thing this year is we’re really trying to lighten the tone a little bit. Last year it got pretty dark and we want to get back to the jokes.” Executive Producer Todd Helbing says.

As previously reported, enter DC villain Clifford Devoe, a.k.a. The Thinker, who is being played by Neil Sandilands (The 100). The Thinker is a metahuman with a mega mind; a true genius who has devised a plan to fix all that he thinks is wrong with the world.

But don’t get too comfortable, Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sons of Anarchy) will also be joining in on the fun this season. Trejo has signed on to play the role of Breacher, a notorious bounty hunter from Earth-19 and (surprise, surprise) the father of Gypsy (Jessica Camacho). Watch out Cisco!

And we have our Mechanic, Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion, Eye in the Sky), an incredibly intelligent engineer who designs devices for Devoe as well as serving as Devoe’s right hand.



But the Season 4 madness doesn’t stop there. In an interview with EW, Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) says Barry will return a changed man.

“The way I see it is, time is non-linear and everything is happening at once in the Speed Force,” Gustin tells EW. “In some ways he’s had an awakening and he’s had a rebirth. Our first episode is called ‘Reborn,’ and it is a rebirth for Barry, but he’s kind of scrambled, too, because he’s experienced so much so quick over the course of six months, even though for him it was an eternity. He’s not Barry when we see him for the first time.”

Barry won’t be the only one changed. In the Season 4 trailer dropped at SDCC, you can see that Iris has taken on a much bigger role that fans have been waiting for. No longer a woman needing rescue, she’s embraced her role as “the person in the chair.”

“Obviously they had a wedding planned,” Patton says. “They did defeat Savitar and thought they were going to live happily ever after, but at the last minute Barry decided to go into the Speed Force, so she’s really, really going through it. She’s choosing to be as strong as she possibly can. Barry told her to keep running, keep being strong, and that’s what she’s doing. When we pick up season 4, Iris takes the mantle of Team Flash; she’s the leader, the boss, the overwatch for Team Flash while Barry is gone, which is a cool new role for her to play.”


The Flash Season 4 returns to the CW Tuesday, Oct 10 @ 8pm! See you there Speedsters.

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