A lot of great news for Power Rangers came out of during San Diego Comic-con. From new legacy toy line up to Jason David Frank announcing his return to Power Morphicon 2018. But probably the most interesting Power Ranger news is Jason David Frank addressing the beef between him and Austin St. John.

That Hashtag Show recently got an exclusive interview with the legendary ranger where he talks about many topics but the one that stood out was when he addressed the elephant in the room Austin St. John. Jason David Frank talked about going back to Power Morphicon and what it meant to him.

Jason said, “This will be a good chance and a good shot for everyone to kill this rumor stuff about this beef stuff going online”.   Regarding the Austin St. John feud, Jason goes on and says definitively  “We have no issues”.  He hopes to have a panel with all the remaining original Rangers from that first season to prove there is no animosity between them.

He explains how the rumors of the feud came grew from fan speculation.  He goes on to agree that internet rumors tend to spiral out of control and grow into a whole new problem. “It’s spiraling out of control and it’s putting people’s lives in dangerous including mine at Phoenix Comic-con”.

Jason was referring to the online rumors that placed his life in danger and what took place at Phoenix Comic-con back in May.  He believes that the rumors and gave birth to the situation in Phoenix. “So, in reality, you’re going back to what gangs used to be, what Tupac and Biggie used to be”.

Jason says that the shooter believed that the feud between Austin St John and Jason David Frank was true.  He chose a side and that motivated him to go after Jason David Frank at Phoenix Comic-con.  “That’s why I invite you to Power Morphicon so you can see everyone hug and get along like Angel Grove

Jason David Frank also addresses the rumors of him actually making a special surprise guest appearance at the last Power Morphicon back in 2016. “That was very true, it was very true I planned to come up to say hi to everyone.” He goes on to say that he planned to bring his mom who was sick with cancer. “I just wanted my mom to see me in action”.

Jason finally decided not to attend Power Morphicon because he didn’t want to steal anyone’s thunder that weekend and his mother was feeling ill. He felt if he were to have shown up it would be perceived negatively by the fans and he wanted to clarify that it wasn’t for him,  but for his sick mother and he didn’t want to have to justify being there.

For more on that interview make sure to check out the video on Youtube this Morphin’ Monday only on  That Hashtag Show!

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