Just Jared┬áhas the latest photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War and they reveal a key moment between Doctor Strange and a CGI villain which we assume is a member of the Black Order, seems to have major repercussions for the Sorcerer Supreme. It looks like a member of the Black Order will be taking the Eye of Agamotto in the next Avengers film. It kinda looks like the CGI villain is hugging Stranger before taking the Infinity Stone. It’s hard to say what exactly is happening without any context, but our money is on of the children of the Mad Titan is being sent to earth to retrieve the Stone and things don’t look good for the Sorcerer.

We don’t expect to see the demise of Doctor Strange considering it was a box office hit when it was released last year, but things are looking pretty grim for him. Strange has plenty of power without the Eye of Agamotto so he’ll still be a very important ally to The Avengers.

The photos are copyrighted, so follow the link in the Tweet below to check out the full gallery.

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