Marvel’s TV division is moving at a furious pace with several shows at various points in production. While many of the shows are shown on Netflix or an ABC station, Runaways will be the first show on Hulu’s streaming service and now we know when to expect the first episode!

According to TV Line, the first of 10 episodes of Runways will stream on November 21st. The show, which features a diverse cast of 6 kids who find out that their parents are a cabal of supervillains known as the Pride, is based on the Eisner Award winning series of the same name created by Brian K. Vaughan. A recent leaked trailer indicated that the show will likely follow very closely to the comic, going so far as to include the velociraptor known as Old Lace.

Are you all excited to see this show? Will you be tuning into Hulu for the premiere?


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