Star Wars Youtube fan channel Mike Zeroh has provided incredibly detailed new descriptions which also seem to indicate that the powerful being may not be as strong as he first appeared.

Zero reports that “up to ten” people were involved in bringing the puppet to life, with Andy Serkis providing the voice once more.

Zero says: “His luxurious robe drags against the floor as he walks. The lining of the robe has a slight reflective effect to it. It will be very shiny, it seems.”

“Snoke’s skin comes up as slimey in certain shots of the film by the way the lights were placed in certain sequences at Pinewood… We did hear he will have this greenish skin.”

“The Supreme Leader’s screen time is doubled in the Last Jedi.

“The way he was puppeteered at Pinewood made him appear to be very frail and weak.”

Snoke’s physical appearance didn’t paint him as the picture of health, but, then again, neither did Palpatine’s, especially after his encounter with Mace Windu.

We are still expecting great and terrifying things from the mysterious leader of the First Order.

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