I’m going in completely cold on this one.  All I know is that there’s vampires and there’s… well… rednecks.

The art is Chaykin-esque, if a little sparse.  The writing hooks me with the excellent way it portrays accents.  The lax approach to spelling for certain characters’ dialects really helps put the voice in my head.  It’s been overused in comics (every other X-Men character and their ridiculous dialogue) but it feels very authentic here.  You can tell that there was thought put into how it would read.

The coloring is magnificent and, while the pencils were a bit rough, I thought they nailed that brilliant two page reveal with vampire Grandpa.  Speaking of which, I like the father-son dynamic and the themes at play here.  The pig/wild boar analogy is fun, and hints at things to come.

This issue is a bit all over the place.  There’s a lot going on, and I find it surprising that it’s only the third issue.  It also feels a lot like other things I’ve seen.  I’m getting a heavy American Vampire vibe, and I’m a True Blood fan, so it’s hard to keep that from coming to mind.

I love pieces of this, but it could’ve been a little tighter in both writing and art.  Three and a half out of five stars.

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