Romulus Volume 1 Kicks Ass With Secret Societies and a Sole Survivor Out for Revenge

in Romulus Vol.1, Asher discovers that the Ancient Order of Romulus, which she is an assassin for, is not what she thought, and after the Order slaughters her family, Asher seeks revenge.

Romulus Vol. 1 is a four chapter compilation, following Asher, the last remaining wolf. The book opens providing backstory to the Order of Romulus. We see  Asher trained in combat since birth to become the ultimate assassin as she describes Romulus has been around orchestrated politics since Rome. The orders wolves are strictly woman, but when the Order turns on the wolves, they create hunters, which are strictly men. The men do not have the same training as the wolves but are given pills to heighten their strength and make them more obedient to orders.

The story may be about Asher but it revolves around Nicholas, a super genius, who Romulus wants to build the biggest bomb in history. Asher promises to protect Nicholas and vows to stop Romulus from killing five billion people and rebuilding the world.

Another secret society, the Illuminati, attempt to recruit Asher and Nicholas to fight Romulus. Asher is worried that the Illuminati, although an enemy of Romulus, may not be much different from it. After Nicholas is captured, Asher decides to train with the Illuminati to keep her promise.

Meanwhile, Romulus has Nicholas captured, attempting to coerce him to their side. They play on his weaknesses and offer him anything he wants in return for his dedication to them. The story reminds me of the conflict between Marvel’s Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. Hydra is after a similar goal, destroy the world and rebuild, while S.H.I.E.L.D. attempts to stop them, but are not perfect “good guys” either.

Asher constantly compares herself to her mother and feels weak and scared. The Illuminati work to balance Asher’s fear and anger, but Nicholas is found too soon before Asher can really achieve her potential. Asher’s weakness and fear lead to her having her ass kicked by Romulus, but she finds the strength to win.

The final fight is one on one and Asher barely makes it out. This shows how powerful Romulus is and how much work Asher has ahead of her to stop them.

Romulus Vol. 1 is a slow paced, action-packed, beginning to the forthcoming war between Romulus and the Illuminati.  We remain to see if the Illuminati can be trusted and what lengths Asher has to go to in order to get her revenge on Romulus for the death of her mother.

Writer: Bryan Hill

Art: Nelson Blake


Release: 07/12/17

Issue: 1-4

Publisher: Image Comics

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