Sacred Creatures #1

Sacred Creatures #1 is a slow-paced set-up for what could be an interesting story, but doesn’t hook the reader from the start.

Sacred Creatures opens in the present and the rest of the story is told through flashback, coming back to the present for brief instances of the main character, Josh Miller, and a Priest, Father Adrian, running from mutated cats. Father Adrian reminds me of an amalgam of Constantine and Preacher.

The story focuses on a family of seven that curses a man, Josh Miller, into committing a murder for them using a stone dagger.

Each member of the family appears to Josh and corrupts aspects of his life, each promising to fix the problem they created if Josh does what they want. The curse makes Josh sleep through a job interview that he is promised back, and later the curse makes him cheat on his girlfriend and she leaves him. The final member offers to give Josh a good job with a great pay and benefits at his business.

Who Josh kills took me by surprise and I won’t spoil it.

The art is good. In some panels it looks like the artists used photographs, possibly filtered, to provide the background. It isn’t used consistently. Sometimes it looks more pixelated juxtaposed to the illustrations. Sometimes it works really well. 

The first issue of Sacred Creatures sets up a good mystery, but I have no interest in any of the characters. The story doesn’t give much depth or personality to anyone. I’m hoping that issue 2 will give us more character build to balance the story build that issue 1 delivered. I think Sacred Creatures has potential, but aside from wanting a few questions answered, it didn’t really hook me.


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