Prepare for Spider-Man: Homecoming with this Vulture Themed Watch-List!

If you thought I had something better to do on a Friday night than to sift through 50 years of Spider-Man animation and pull Vulture episodes, then you are wrong, because I did exactly that!

Now, I’m not recommending you stay up all night and binge watch every Vulture episode like I did. Quite the opposite. I suggest spreading these episodes out over the course of the week, leading up to Spider-Man: Homecoming, so the fun can last!

Without any further delay, I present to you the good, the bad, and the very Vulture ugly:

Spider-Man Animation Vulture Episode List

Spider-Man ’67

Spider-Man ’67 is the first ever Spider-Man animation debuting in, yeah you guessed it, 1967. The show holds a warm spot in every Spidey fans heart, but it’s far from the greatest version of our web-head. The animation is stiff and the series recycled a lot of its animation. It even recycled animation from other shows. In fact, the final episode that the Vulture appears in is a combination of recycled animation from two other Vulture episodes.

This is probably the corniest Spider-Man animated series. In their first battle, Spider-Man defeats Vulture by pretending to be a window-washer. In another episode, Vulture demands that he is paid in two one-million dollar bills; which he is! Luckily these episodes are only ten minutes long.

The strangest thing is, they refer to the Vulture as “The Vulture-Man.” It isn’t until the Vulture’s third appearance that he is called by his proper name.

Also, if you ever wanted to see Spider-Man use his webbing to create jet skis, then this is the animation for you.

The Vulture appears in the following episodes:

Season 1:

4a “The Sky is Falling”

16a “The Vulture’s Prey”

19a “To Catch a Spider”

Season 3

40a “The Winged Thing”

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