Spider-Man 1981

Spider-Man 1981 is often overlooked. Probably because it was replaced by Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. The show kept the same look and voice actors, adding Ice-Man and Firestar to the cast.

The animation in Spider-Man 1981 sees a significant improvement. The background architecture is superior to the ’67 show. The animation is more lose and better drawn. The voice acting is better as well. Overall Spider-Man 1981 is a hidden gem in Spider-Man animation.

The Vulture only appears once in Episode 23 “The Vulture Has Landed.” It is the most comic-book accurate art of the Vulture in Spider-Man animation.

Unlike its predecessor’s three short episodes in one, Spider-Man 1981’s episodes are oneĀ full half hour.

The story is still pretty crazy and a lot of fun. Harry Osborne is mentioned but never shown. The Vulture mistakesĀ Peter for Harry (because he borrowed Harry’s jacket?) and kidnaps him to invent invisible paint so that he can use it in an effort to gain control of a NASA space probe.

If you’ve never seen Spider-Man 1981, I recommend watching the entire series at some point. It’s only one 26 episode season, but it’s a blast.

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