Spider-Man The Animated Series (1994)

Spider-Man the Animated Series is fan favorite that ended to soon. It premiered on Fox Kids Saturday morning block. The series showed Spider-Man storytelling at its best. The show played like a soap-opera, which is exactly what a Spider-Man comic is. Spider-Man is really about a kid, Peter Parker, that tries to juggle school, taking care of his aunt, paying bills, getting a date, and fighting an old guy dressed as a Vulture with his spider powers. Spider-Man The Animated Series masterfully balanced Peter’s drama with action-packed Spider battles, and even then, Peter’s drama found its way into Spider-Man’s life.

This version of Spider-Man took a different approach to the Vulture. Instead of him being an old guy committing petty crimes, he was an old man that wanted to be young again. To do that he developed a device that allowed him to suck the youth out of his victims and with the aid of his flying Vulture suit, it was a breeze. Well, until Spider-Man decided to put an end to it.

The first appearance of the Vulture ended in a cliff-hanger, leaving Spider-Man a geriatric. The following episode picked up with Spider-Man trying to continue being Spider-Man at an elderly age.

The two-parter managed to involve Peter’s love triangle, Flash Thompson has a heartfelt moment with his love, and it dropped subtle details to set up future episodes. Spider-Man the Animated Series displayed Peter/Spider-Man’s genius the best. Especially when he detailed how traps worked and how he could science his way out of them.

The Vulture isn’t the only villain we see either. We get the Lizard and Scorpion too! We also get to see the Vulture take on Spider-Man’s spider transformation.

The Vulture appears in the following episodes:

Season 2

26 “Shriek of the Vulture”

27 “The Final Nightmare”

Season 4

46 “Partners”

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