Ultimate Spider-Man

The Ultimate Spider-Man is the most different version of Spider-Man in animation. Spider-Man leads a team of other young heroes for S.H.I.E.L.D. and he breaks the fourth wall, much like Deadpool. Most of the villains have different origins, usually an experiment by Dr. Octopus, who is the series’s main villain. All of Peter’s friends eventually join Spider-Man as superheroes, working along the web-slinger. Ultimate Spider-Man has a cyclical ending with Spider-Man catching the same villain on the same day, but with more finesse. Spider-Man is even able to reform most of his villains.

Spider-Man animation gets better with each new series. The art is incredible. The New York City cityscape is breathtaking. The character designs are amazing, and the coloring is top notch.

Ultimate Spider-Man introduces the furthest departure from Vulture yet. Even Spider-Man Unlimited wasn’t this different. The one similarity, the Vulture tries to kidnap Osborne…again.

Spider-Man is in the process of recruiting potential members to join his New Warriors Team, and he believes the Vulture could be an addition. Spider-Man discovers the Vulture was kidnapped by Dr. Octavius and transformed into an actual Vulture without any memory. The Vulture is full of existentialism, wanting only his memory back. He can’t seem to find meaning in life without his memory.

After Spider-Man fails to recruit the Vulture, he appears again as the Iron-Vulture. His goal, yup, kidnap Norman Osborne. The Vulture discovers that Osborne doesn’t have the files to his past and turns on Doc Ock only to find Ock had a contingency plan. Dr. Octopus turns the Iron Vulture into a Hydra Iron Vulture with brainwashing the Vulture.

The Vulture is completely under the control of Octavius now and continues to fight alongside him until Spider-Man finally cures him in the series finale.

The Vulture appears in the following episodes:

Season 3

58 “The Vulture”

60 “The New Warriors”

Season 4

82 “Iron Vulture”

85 “Beached”

103-104 “Graduation Day” (Part I and II)

Enjoy your Vulture filled binge and let us know how you think the Vulture will be in Spider-Man: Homecoming in the comments. Will he try to kidnap Osborne? We’ll find out when Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 6th.

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