With Lucasfilm confirmed to not appearing at SDCC, things are looking good for Disney’s D23 panel, as a behind the scenes look at the film is rumored to be on the horizon. However, we probably shouldn’t expect a full blown trailer at the convention or for a while. According to Collider‘s Steven Weintraub, we’re going to be seeing the long-awaited BTS reel at Disney D23.

Since this thing’s been ready for a while, don’t expect to see too much that’s completely new, but we’ll likely get more things to speculate about – pretty much the same as it was with the BTS reel for The Force Awakens. We’re not expecting massive spoilers, but we’ll probably get a better idea of the conceptual directions they’re going to take The Last Jedi along with some glimpses of new sets and aliens. We’re crossing our fingers for an exclusive scene or two since the panel will not be live streamed, but we’re not holding our breath on that.







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