Step Into The World of David Haller: SDCC’s Legion Mixed Reality Experience

Daniel, Joe, Jasmin, and I spent the a good chunk of our brain cells trying to decipher the mystery that was the FX television show, Legion. With its twists, turns, and avante garde storytelling the show always kept you on your toes, even if you wanted to just give up on it. Well at this year’s Comic Con you get the chance to walk in David’s shoes, with FX Sessions: Legion The Mixed Reality Experience.
Now you would have had to make an appointment for your session days in advance, but fear not, there is a standby line. After a smooth check in process I was guided to a very short line where I waited for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The crew working the FX installations are always quite friendly, and will make small talk to make the wait a little more bearable. It’s particularly sunny and sometimes humid in San Diego during Comic Con so make sure you wear that sunscreen, or bring a headcovering. Finally the rope was pulled back and I was allowed to step up to a small stand where a woman who I assume to be an actor had me put some type of eye analyzer on, and measured my IPD (Interpupillary distance). Then I was given a medical bracelet to wear, and was sent up the small ramp to join another line of people waiting to be brought in. They don’t want you to have anything in your hands, and you can’t bring your sunglasses so they will check in your items before you enter the experience.
There I waited probably another twenty minutes, which tells me that this is a very intimate experience and they are not interested in pushing people through like cattle. However, if you came from waiting in the standby line then I’m sure you’re really over waiting at this point.
Finally, the door opens and I’m guided inside a small hallway with a number of actors dressed as doctors, or similar attire to The Eye. A cool, calm, and collected woman asks me if I remember her, or do I remember this place. I say, I don’t, and she proceeds to tell me that they are going to fix my memory and this is all just an astral projection. I’m told to sit down in front of a room, and a man dressed as a doctor puts a hologram lens headset on me.
Now the immersion can begin.
I don’t want to spoil the rest in depth, but you are put through some tests such as telekinesis, and telepathy. Melanie Byrd and Sid make cameos in one form or the other and you get to interact with several holographic objects. The experience itself plays off like a mini theater production where you get to be David for a scene. There are lights that change, the actors touch you, and WTF that ending!!!
Let me just say I turned around at the end and The World’s Angriest Boy was several feet away from me.
Why aren’t there more cosplays of this?
All in all it was a good time. I think the hologram lens glitched at one point or another, but the actors kept their game faces on, and were extremely committed. However, I wouldn’t recommend waiting in the standby line if it’s more than ten people deep. Time flies here at Comic Con, and there are lots to do.
I’m rating this experience an 8/10 if only because I really hate waiting in lines. I would have been more entertained waiting if they had replayed season one.
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