Wonder Woman couldn’t be hotter than she is right now, and my interest is at an all time high, so I was excited to dive into this “Extra-sized Anniversary Issue.”  Rucka has been a force of nature for over ten years, and I will read anything he writes.

I’m immediately struck by the art.  Wow- those gauntlets look amazing.  I prefer this distressed metal over the sleek shiny look.  Parts of this book are absolutely gorgeous.  There’s shades of Corben and Quitely, but it’s very inconsistent, and there are some scenes that look like they were drawn by a different artist.  I only see Sharp credited, but the differences between pages can be striking.

I’m enjoying the story, and I like how the central conflict is revealed to us.  Diana’s not wearing her lasso, and that’s bad news.  There’s a scene between side characters that had me yawning, but the rest of the issue is pretty engaging.  I think the scene with Diana hovering above a penthouse suite a la Superman/Lex Luthor was pretty neat.  It seemed out of character for her which fit the story, and it’s a beat we already have context for.

Oh, man; I love Batman’s purple lined cape.  Also, in a scene where two men confronted a woman about “acting crazy,” I thought it was handled about as well as it could be.  Rucka’s one of the best, and he’s very comfortable with this cast of voices.

I start to think that Steve Trevor looks too much like old school Oliver Queen, and, bam, he shaves clean, so no points deducted.

It turns out to be a really sweet issue.  I thought it was building something dark, but it ended up being a nice study on reaching out to people who love you when things get heavy.  Inconsistent art is at times serviceable, and, at others, breathtakingly gorgeous.  Four out of five stars.

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