As the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers approaches we may have finally got our first tiny bit of info on what is planned. Over the weekend Joe from That Hashtag Show hosted the Power Rangers panel at Yestercon in Carson, CA and among some of the panelist were Carla Perez (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers), Tracy Lynn Cruz (Power Rangers Turbo & Power Rangers In Space), Christopher Khayman Lee (Power Rangers In Space), Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Megaforce),  Brennan Mejia (Power Ranger Dino Charge) and new comer, current Pink Ninja Steel Ranger, Chrysti Ane, who plays Sarah. One of the topics were brought up was what does Saban have in store for the quarter century celebration for the long run series.

Joe: This is the 25th anniversary. Obviously, we know where your character’s at.

Chrysti Ane: Yeah.

Joe: Is there anything special planned for the 25th anniversary that you can answer?

Chrysti Ane: Um, all I can say is that it will definitely be something very very special episode and I was so glad to be apart of it.

The rumors of a 25th-anniversary special reunion episode is something we’ve heard about for a while now and even one of our sources confirmed it. When That Hashtag Show interviewed legendary Power Rangers actor, Jason David Frank, he said, “Saban’s always got tricks up their sleeve so… I’m not saying… I can’t confirm that, but I will say just watching the Japanese footage and seeing things, my character is always alive in there. No matter what.” He goes on to say, “I’d like to be apart of it but I think we just all have to wait and see, and see what happens there.” This adds a little more fuel to the fire. After a somewhat disappointing attempt at a reunion episode on Super Megaforce, the series could really make up for it with a planned 25th Anniversary episode on Power Ranger Ninja Steel.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel returns this Saturday, August 12th on Nickelodeon.

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