In the wake of Michael K Williams character being cut from the upcoming Han Solo movie, he’s been out on the press circuit promoting his other projects. In one such interview with Vanity Fair, a little nugget of information was revealed.

Williams had already filmed all of his scenes as a new character to the universe—“a link between Han Solo and Emilia’s character, Kira”—when Lucasfilm suddenly announced in June that it was replacing directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller with Ron Howard. The shake-up meant that Williams would need to re-shoot his scenes so that the anticipated spin-off could still meet its 2018 release date.

So there you have it. Emilia Clarke’s character is named Kira . . . or is it? Making Star Wars has made the case that the name is actually spelled “Kura,” though the pronunciation is basically the same. A quick Google search reveals a few other outlets reporting this information based off of Making Stars Wars’ article, several hacks for IKEA furniture, and from Wookiepedia I found the only connection to anything previously in Star Wars lore is Kura City, the capital of the planet, Kuratooine. Digging further, the only information linking Han Solo and Kuratooine is Skifter Station. This connection is extremely loose, as I could find no information of a direct link, but Skifter Station is known for gambling, and we do know that Han is a gambling man, so, there’s that.

On the other hand, the name Kira does have a number of connections. Early in development Rey was originally called Kira and in The Old Republic game, there was a Jedi named Kira, so feel free to connect those dots and create a theory about Han having hooked up with this Kira and she is somehow related to both Rey and Kylo, also making them related (which I highly doubt). Kira is a popular name in Star Wars, there’s several places and several people that are attached to the name.

There’s still plenty of information about her character still to be revealed, so until we have an official statement, everything at this point is pure speculation. If you have a theory about who she might be given this new information,please share it in the comments.

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