If there’s one thing that’s becoming synonymous with That Hashtag Show, it’s character breakdowns for upcoming projects and we are ready to bring you another round. Our friends at MCU Exchange got the scoop on when the third season of Daredevil is set to begin production and not only can we confirm that, but also give you your first look at one of the new characters set to join the show. Take a look at the breakdown below and keep reading for our guess as to who it might turn out to be!

[STEVE] ¬†28-35, 5’9-6’1, Open ethnicity. An athletic but socially awkward FBI Agent, needs structure and rules to suppress the darkness inside himself. Athletic with medium build, responsible and resourceful, hair trigger temper. SERIES REGULAR

This is a VERY interesting breakdown for a character who seems set to become an antagonist for Matt during Season 3. There’s an interesting parallel to Matt at work with this character as we have what appears to be another character who might be working both sides of the law and battling with an inner-darkness. While it’s only speculation on our part, we’re guessing that “STEVE” is doing some vigilante work of his own, only unlike Matt’s work, “STEVE” might be leaving a trail of bodies.

Without spoiling anything from The Defenders, some interviews with the cast seem to hint at the adaptation of Frank Miller’s Born Again arc for Season 3. ¬†While we won’t likely see a beat-for-beat comics-to-screen adaptation (it’s been said many times over that adapting the story directly isn’t really in the best interests of comic book fans), we are likely to see some of the major plot points and thematic elements carry over. Matt’s Catholicism has been a major point of focus throughout the first two seasons and The Defenders and a Born Again adaptation would certainly expand on that. Given the deep Catholic symbolism present in the story, Matt’s inner-conflict with his own demons and the bit of info we have from the character breakdown, we settled on a very interesting guess for who “STEVE” might be.

“STEVE”-Stanley Carter/Sin-Eater

Before we get too far, let’s address the biggest obstacle to “STEVE” being Stanley Carter: he first appeared in issue #107 of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man. That being said, it’s important to point out a couple of things. First of all, the live-action rights issue is always a little confusing (Kingpin also first appeared in a Spidey comic but his rights have always been with Daredevil’s), but even in Sony did have the rights to Sin-Eater, if they have no plans to use him, then he’s fair game for Marvel on the television side of things. Additionally, Marvel and Sony really seem to be playing together very well of late and this could be a bit of a trade-off by Sony in return for having Dominic Fortune and Roxxon appear in Silver and Black. At any rate, this is just a guess on our part and a bit of wishful thinking.

So how does Sin-Eater fit into Daredevil Season 3? In the comics, Stanley Carter is an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who underwent an experimental treatment with a PCP-like substance to increase his strength and stamina to near super-human levels. Deeming the project too dangerous, S.H.I.E.L.D. called it off and Carter, upset with the slight, left the agency to work for the NYPD. While there, Carter becomes disillusioned after his partner is murdered and sets out to take justice into his own hands. Carter dons a mask, arms himself with a shotgun and begins a murdering spree in which his victims are all people in power who have sinned by abusing their authority. Lawyers, judges, priests and even his own captain and lover, Jean DeWolff, are targeted and murdered. The DeWolff story is a pretty well-known Spider-Man arc, but again, if Sony isn’t using it, Marvel TV could come in and adapt it.

Given the importance of Father Lantom in Matt’s life and his knowledge of Matt’s alter ego, he would set up as an interesting target for the Sin-Eater and one that would obviously bring both of Matt’s lives into play at once, something that’s been happening more and more throughout his arc. While the story might seem a little too close to the way the Punisher was used in Season 2, the type of people that the Sin-Eater would target would bring this much closer to home for Daredevil as many of his friends and colleagues (Lantom, Mahoney, even Foggy!) could find themselves as targets.

Who else could “STEVE” be? Let us know your thoughts and stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more news on Daredevil Season 3 coming soon!


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