Scalebound was hyped as the console exclusive that would put the XBox One over the PS4 and then suddenly it was canceled without a word, but back in May, Microsoft renewed the trademark for the game. This caused many to speculate in the Xbox gaming community to believe that the title was resurrected. Many gamers wonder if the title could live on with another studio taking charge of the game, but by the sounds of it that does not seem to be the case according to Microsoft marketing Executive Aaron Greenberg, who spoke to DualShockers at Gamecom 2017 in Germany.

I know that people watch what happens to the IP and things like that, but the game was canceled. That is the reality of the issue. I can tell you that I have a lot of respect for Kamiya-san. I think we all believed in the partnership that we have with them, and in the vision that he had.

Some times you just put the ingredients together and for whatever reason things don’t work out. It happens with movie projects, and music projects are the same. It’s a creative process…Some times you just have to move on, and it’s better for everybody, but we’re excited about our games lineup. We’re excited about the big third party titles that are coming, and of course about the back-to-back exclusives, we have over the next twelve months. Trust me, there is more beyond that.

We haven’t seen a lot of “true” exclusives for the Xbox One so we know losing Scalebound has to hurt a bit. We know there’s a slim chance that the game could move from Platinum Games to another studio or even in-house, but it doesn’t seem likely. Would you guys like to see Scalebound at another studio? Let us know in the comments below.

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