Ever since we got Misty Knight’s introduction in the first season of Luke Cage we’ve been wondering when the heroine would be getting her bionic arm and with our first official image from season two, it looks like we have our answer. Luke Cage Season 2 seems to pick up right after the events of The Defenders. 

Colleen promised Misty that they had some amazing technology in the hospital that Danny owned and she wasn’t lying. The image didn’t give us much of a reveal for what’s to come in the shows second season, but we do think it’s a pretty cool look for the character. We’re not sure if Misty will still be a detective on the force in the next season, but we’re excited to see where the character goes. Now, all we need is for her and Colleen Wing to become the Daughters of the Dragon. What do you guys think of the first images? Leave a message in the comments below.

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