Power Rangers has been on the air for more than 25 years now. The show started off with a bang and was a national phenomenon but now it seems to have hit an all time low. Back in 2010 Saban had bought back Power Rangers from Disney and this is where things took a turn for the worst.

Power Rangers format from then to now is probably the reason the viewership is so low. This era is referred to as Neo-Saban era and the new format of the show is probably the main reason for the huge drop in viewership.

As soon as they took over they turned their 40 episode season and split them into 2 20 episodes seasons and called the second season “Super”. The main reason for the shows not doing well is the advertising and their hiatus. They have a long an unorthodox hiatus places in the middle of each season and it slows the momentum of the show.

The hiatus is usually during the summer when most kids will watch the show. Power Rangers Ninja  Steel came back from its hiatus and barely reached 1 million viewers. This may be due to poor advertising, The show saw a 75% decline in viewers.

Probably the best thing for the series is to move back to Disney or maybe to a more exclusive platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Next season will be the 25th anniversary which is a big accomplishment on its own. Could next season be the last season of Power Rangers? Do you think the series can be saved?


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