If you’ve been reading That Hashtag Show the past couple of months you know we’ve been knocking it out of the park breaking stories and we’ve been very in depth in our coverage of Sony’s Silver and Black. As we mentioned before, it’s always tricky covering films because you can’t account for last-minute changes or improvisation, but we believe it’s always worth sharing the exciting info with our readers and, in this case, we think there’s going to be a lot of interest in this topic.

When Splash Report first broke the news about the film, many people balked at the idea of it including so many Spidey villains, especially ones they wanted to see interacting in the MCU. Among that list of villains in the original report were Norman Osborn, Spider-Man’s arch-enemy and the one that arguably has the best chance of crossing over into the MCU given his role in the Secret Invasion, Siege and Dark Reign comic arcs. With potential members of the Thunderbolts appearing all over the MCU, you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought it might be nice to see Osborn leading the charge post-Avengers 4. So with Osborn set to appear in a Sony’s “separate but same reality as the MCU” Spidey-verse, how could he potentially end up playing a larger role in the MCU going forward?

If we can begin to believe that Sony and Marvel Studios are at least in communication about these films and maybe doing a little more collaboration that what we think, we can look at what Sony is doing here as a sign that while they’re using Osborn, he may still show up in the MCU as well. As Splash Report indicated, Osborn WILL, in fact, be in the film, but at this early stage, his small role will be voice-only, POTENTIALLY allowing Marvel Studios to bring in another actor down the line. If that’s the case, fans can take a deep breath and hope that Kevin Feige and his crew have a plan to bring Osborn into the MCU at a later date. With Osborn not being on screen, Sony will use Oscorp Senior VP Charles Standish as Osborn’s messenger and as the onscreen face of the company.

It’s beginning to seem that Silver and Black really might be the litmus test for how close together the two studios will work with a heavy hitter like Osborn being used and Mac Gargan, who already appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming, set to play a significant role. While the comments by Amy Pascal and Feige have been confusing, they do seem to indicate that at least some level of interaction is possible, especially given Pascal’s statement to hopefully include Spider-Man in their films at some point in the future. Keeping an eye on this project is probably a good choice for those interested in just how much interaction we will get.

Keep checking back as we keep the news coming!

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