After endless leaks, rumors, and pulled images, Snoke has been revealed in all his glory (and impressive detail) on the packaging for a new Star Wars toy.

This doesn’t just give fans their first proper look at the shadowy First Order leader, it answers some burning questions.

Ever since he first appeared as a hologram in The Force Awakens, fans have been desperate to know whether the villain is a human or alien, how tall he is and fundamentally what he looks like.

The images also reveal one of the Praetorian Guard and give a stunning look at Snoke’s impressive throne room on board his Mega Destroyer.

The Hasbro toy is listed on Amazon Spain as a “Star Wars 8 set flagship.”

The entire impressive construction shows a cross-section of the Mega Destroyer with Snoke’s throne room at the top and then some kind of command deck, a lift and other rooms.

The model also includes figures of Snoke and a Praetorian Guard.

Incredibly, it all seems to be contained within a BB8 model which opens out to form a display case which reveals all these hidden features.

The Snoke and Praetorian Guard figures are to scale, which means Snoke’s actual height is 2’20 meters or 7’2 feet tall.

He towers over his guard and lays to rest once and for all any possibility he could be human. As expected, he is wearing lavish golden robes which drape on his giant frame and sweep down to the floor.

We’ll get a better look at Snoke on Force Friday, Sept 1st.

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