While most of the characters you’ll see in Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans TV series have been around for decades, one character is relatively new. First appearing in the comics in 2014, Auran as a member of Attlian’s security forces.

Auran is played in the series by Sonya Balmores, absent the character’s more alien features. Our very own Kelly had the opportunity to speak to Balmores at the red carpet premiere of the Inhumans IMAX experience, where they talked about the experience working on a giant Marvel production and how excited the Hawaii native is to see superheroes mixing it up on her home turf.

Kelly: Your character is relatively new, what went into the process of preparing for your character?

Sonya Balmores: Well, she’s new, but she is in the comic books, so I did read those, so that was cool. But yeah, just reading those and talking to the writers about, “okay, it’s not a 1000% copy of what going on in the comic books. We’re gonna go somewhere new with it.” So, that was fun; I kind of share too much about what she does, but you’ll see soon enough. In one week!

Kelly: What was it like working with Marvel on this scale?

Sonya Balmores: It was great. It’s a little—I mean not a little, it’s a lot—a lot of secrecy, and you don’t even know what’s gonna happen in the next episode and we’re shooting that episode. So, it’s kind of like improv almost, you’re like, “alright, I’m shooting right now, but I have no idea where my character’s gonna go next week.” And that’s like life, so for me as an actress that was really fun and freeing to, like—I have no control over where it’s gonna go, so that was really cool.

Kelly: What are you most excited for audiences to see of The Inhumans?

Sonya Balmores: I love when they come to Hawaii, cause I’m from Hawaii, so just that mixture of these superheroes, kind of like how funny it is in the Thor movies when he comes to Earth and he’s literally from another planet. And the Inhumans are like that; they have to adjust to Earth and humans, and I really like that dynamic. I think people are gonna find it funny, too.

Kelly: How much of the Kree will we actually get a look at?

Sonya Balmores: I’m not at liberty to say, I don’t think. Yeah, you’ll have to see.

Kelly: If you could give the show any hashtag to describe it, what would it be?

Sonya Balmores: #ISurvivedMyFamily


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