While looking thru Reddit today we found an interesting theory that caught our attention here at That Hashtag Show. It suggests that Luke Skywalker has lost his Force ability, user trimonkeys argued that whilst evidence to back the theory up is sparse, it certainly fits in with Rian Johnson needing to give the character strong reason to be in exile.

They wrote: “Now I don’t have a lot of evidence for this, but I was reading interviews with Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill and Johnson said something along the lines of Abrams not really developing why Luke was in exile.

“So Johnson spent a lot of time trying to figure out a plausible reason for Luke to be in exile and not come to help.

“Mark Hamill was saying he didn’t really like the direction that the character was going but he eventually warmed up to it.

“My theory on why he decided not to help, or simply didn’t send a message to Leia about his whereabouts is because he can’t due to no longer having his force abilities.”

They added: “So this can also go with his line in the trailer about knowing one truth that the Jedi have to end.

“Part of it is his own failure to bring the order back, and the other is the fact he no longer has force abilities. He thinks using the abilities in order to create an order of fighters and peacekeepers shouldn’t be done.

“So I think his arc is based around training Rey in order to fight off Kylo, and teaching her the ways of the force so he can be able to use it himself again.”

In the replies, one person responded: “Why would losing his connection to the force make him any less of a hero? He can still swing a lightsaber.”

However, another chimed in: “Actually In the Trilogy of Darth Bane… it is also explained that many parts of the lightsaber fighting are only possible because the force guides them…”

We’ll have answers when the movie is released at the end of the year.

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