Back in June, we put out the casting breakdowns for D.C. Comics new Titans series, and today we have our first casting announcement!  Deadline is reporting that Australian newcomer Teagan Croft (Home and Away) has landed the role of Raven a.k.a. Rachel Roth, one of the series by the team of Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Akiva Goldsman for  Warner Bros TV and D.C.’s digital streaming service. This will be the first live-action incarnation of the popular character. From her character breakdown back, Raven sounds pretty faithful to the comics.

She is described by Deadline as “the daughter of a demon, and a powerful empath who must keep her emotions in check or risk unleashing her demonic side.” We’re this is pretty faithful to the comics version of the character so we’re hoping Starfire, Beast Boy, and Nightwing remains true to their comic book counterparts also. Currently, there is no official premiere for the series or for D.C.’s streaming service, but it’s expected to be sometime in 2018. For a look at the character breakdowns check out the video below.






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