With two critical and commercial hits in a row under his belt, M. Night Shayamalan is currently writing the script to Glass, which will be the final film in the Unbreakable trilogy. The second film in the series, 2017’s Split, explored several out of 23 dissociative identities of Kevin Wendell Crumb, the main character of the film played by James McAvoy. After one of the personalities, Dennis, kidnaps three girls his therapist, Dr. Fletcher suspects that her patient is the culprit. Unfortunately, a repressed 24th personality emerges during the film’s third act, and Dr. Fletcher meets her demise.

We got to speak with Betty Buckley, who plays Dr. Fletcher at this year’s Saturn Awards. Could we see her character make an appearance in Glass? Here’s what she had to say:

​​​​I kind of like came up with a series of—what I think are very creative ideas, ​​​​​different parts I may be able to play for him so I wrote him an extensive email with — presenting on my pitch and he ​wrote me back ‘Oh my!’.  ​​​​Then I wrote him again last weekend and I said, ‘No really. Really. I’m ​​​​​​serious. I’m your buddy.’ So no. I don’t know. I like to tease him. He’s a ​​​​​​lovely guy so he’s pretty, pretty great at being — you know we have a real ​​​​​rapport of humor.

So with how her character was brutally murdered there isn’t a logical way for Dr. Fletcher to come back to life, but it appears that Betty Buckley would like to make an appearance in another capacity. During our talk she also mentioned how much she loved working with M. Night and his crew as well as how much she loves working in the City of Brotherly Love. I, for one thought she brought gravitas to her role in Split, and was awfully shocked to see her go. This wasn’t the first time a character she played met an unwarranted death. I was surprised to have learned that she played Miss Collins in 1976’s Carrie who as one of the only people sympathetic to the title character was tragically killed at Prom. Hopefully Miss Buckley will get her wish, and join M. Night for a third collaboration.

Glass will be released in theaters in January 2019.



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