‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ buzzed its way onto our screens back in 2015 thanks to the Starz Network. The show takes place 30 years after Ash first encountered the Evil Dead in Sam Raimi’s bloodtastic film. However, with no official premiere date for season three could this spell trouble for the series led by Bruce Campbell?

I spoke with the man himself at this year’s Saturn Awards to find out:


“Starz, it’s up to them. The jury is still out. We finished season three. They’re gonna air it. Regardless of what happens. But we’re hoping to get them excited enough that they have to pick up season four. That’s the job of being part of the production team as an Executive Producer. We want our network to get excited so we think we’re gonna end it pretty damn strong. That’s the mother of all battles between Ash and the mother of all Evil Dead creatures.”

It’s not uncommon for a show to not have a premiere date in this day and age, but one does wonder ‘why shoot an entire season with no date in mind?’ Perhaps they are waiting to see when the next season of Westworld will drop which would make more sense if we’re talking getting live viewership. However, we will just have to see, but it is likely that ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ will be back in 2018 along with other fan favorites such as ‘Legion’ and ‘Agents of Shield’.

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