Can the FF keep the Baxter Building and the students safe while the Fantastic Four are away?  Find out in FF Vol. 1: Fantastic Faux.

Even though this is volume 1 it is apparently coming in mid way through the story.  However, don’t you worry I will bring you up to speed.

The Fantastic Four go on vacation and leave Scott Lang Ant-Man, Queen of the Inhumans Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing in charge of the Future Foundation.  

The Future Foundation or FF was created by Mr. Fantastic after he lost faith in the scientific community.  Mr. Fantastic recruited the brightest children in order to train them how to solve the world’s problems with science.  It is the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but for genius people and not just mutants.

When the Fantastic Four do not return the FF become concerned, but then an older scarred man claiming to be Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch shows up.  Torch tells them the rest of the Fantastic Four are dead and the only way to prevent their death is to kill Dr. Doom.

This story is mostly a day in the life of the FF rather than a huge villain who must be defeated.  However, the villain is Wizard who is able to control people’s minds.

Wizard takes over Medusa’s mind and gets her to kidnap his clone son and member of the FF, Bentley-23.  This new group with fourth member, Blastaar, become the Frightful Four.

FF Vol. 1: Fantastic Faux was written by Matt Fraction with art by Mike and Laura Allred and issue #6’s art by Joe Quinones.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2013.

When one of my favorite writers and my favorite artist come together on a book it is a must read for me.  This book has a lot of humor to it and the writer and artist are known for the humor they put in their books.

An example is when the Moloids and Bentley-23 are trying to ruin She-Hulk’s date because the Moloids have a crush on her.  They end up making the date even better.

I liked this comic being a day in the life of comic.  Ant-Man is the leader of the FF, but it was nice to see him struggle with the school and its students.  The whole FF teaching staff seems to be just winging it, but they are making due.

A problem I had with the volume was I wanted it to be more.  I wanted more humor or more action.  It was stuck in the middle and it didn’t do well there.  

The numbering of the volume was a problem too.  Having a volume 1 stamped on the front means I am not coming in mid-story, but I absolutely did.  They gave a recap in the beginning of the volume and it caught me up 90 percent of the way.  However, I still had to look up who half the characters were.  

Having Mike Allred do the art with his wife Laura on the colors is always going to make me happy.  They have a very unique and cartoony style and lends itself well to the humor tone.  Laura uses bright colors which make every panel pop and stand out.

I have every belief this is a really good comic.  However, since I came in halfway through a story I can only grade it on what I have read.  This is not a bad comic, but I was unable to fully connect to the story as I would have liked.


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