So after several years of waiting, and waiting, and more waiting, Studio MDHR’s Xbox exclusive Cuphead has finally been released. After having played demos at E3 for the past 3 years I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day. Since Microsoft didn’t send out review codes until Wednesday and I just got the chance to load it up this morning, I unfortunately don’t have a full review for you.  I have played through a little bit of the game, a very little bit of it, but, it’s enough that I can give an initial reaction. First and foremost the game looks great and sounds great, but we already knew that from what we’ve been seeing the past years, so that’s nothing new, so let’s talk about Gameplay.

The overall plot of the game involves you traveling around the world collecting souls for the devil (you lost yours at a casino he owns and he agreed to let you keep it in return for your services). First up is the tutorial which walks you through the game controls, it’s all fairly typical platformer-style controls, nothing that’s too hard to master.

After completing the tutorial you’re sent out to wander the world collecting these souls. One of the first places you’ll encounter is Porkrind’s, this is the store where you’ll buy power-ups with the coins you collect throughout the game. Having just started though, I didn’t really have any to spend (I went back and snapped this still after having played through another level, so I do have 4 coins in this image).

The next place I came across was the botanical gardens where I got into a fight with a giant potato, onion, and carrot. It took me quite a few times to beat the 3 bosses, they each have different attacks, the potato spits dirt and worms at you, the onion cries and drops of water fall from the sky that you need to avoid, and the carrot has psycho-kinetic powers and throws other carrots at you and also some kind of mind-ray. At first it seemed like I just wasn’t strong enough yet, but it’s just a matter of finding the patterns and avoiding getting hit.

Also immediately available is the first platformer level or as it’s called in Cuphead, Run and Gun, this first level is called Forrest Follies and plays like most other platformers, maybe it’s just been so long since I’ve played this type of game, but it’s not easy.

Not that I want easy, I like a challenge, but, this is TOUGH. I’ve made it to the endpoint 2x out of maybe 10-15 playthroughs. The level is short, but it’s still aggravating to get to the end or almost to the end only to die and have to start over.

And that’s as far as i’ve made it in the short time I’ve had to play. Since my time for games is limited, I feel like this was a great buy as I can sit down for 20-30 minutes, beat a level or two and feel like I’ve accomplished something vs more in-depth games where that only enough time for me to maybe make it from point A to point B . . . maybe.

Are you guys planning to pick this game up? Let me know what you think about it in the comments, do you find it easy and I just suck?

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