The first episode of Marvel’s Inhumans gives us a chance to get to meet the Royal Family and become adjusted to the fact that we aren’t in Kansas anymore. It also introduces us to a particularly observant member of an aerospace organization, played by Ellen Woglom, who is about to become involved in more than she signed up for. According to Woglom, her character is going to be experiencing the weirdness of the Royal Family right alongside the audience.

Kelly: How does your character function on the show?

Ellen Woglom: ┬áMy character functions as sort of the eyes and ears for the audience. I am a human…for now (just gonna say that), that’s just me…wishful thinking on my part. But I am the eyes and ears of the audience so I sort of discover this world and the Inhumans and I go on this journey that the audience will, hopefully, go along with me. But everything we’re discovering, whether about their society and how it operates, or the relationships and dynamics between them, or the circumstances that they’re under, we will do so through my character because I’m discovering it simultaneously as well.

Kelly: Do you feel like this gave you a lot of creative freedom with your character?

Ellen Woglom: Oh, absolutely! A ton of creative freedom, which was amazing, which was really nice. Yeah, I think when they first wrote the character (I’m not sure because it’s not based on a comic), I’m not sure they had a specific thing in mind so it gave me a lot of creative license to kind of together, creatively, decide who we wanted her to be and her back story and how she would operate under particular circumstances and environments and it allowed me…she’s a really fun and quirky and goofy character…she’s very smart, obviously, she works for an aerospace company, she’s incredibly bright and incredibly driven and focused, professionally when it comes to her work, but she’s a really funny and goofy character, which was a lot of fun to do.

Kelly: So what went into your process for preparing for your character?

Ellen Woglom: I think just feeling like, you know, I wanted her to be, because, we’re dealing, because it’s a super hero show, I wanted her to be grounded and it was really important to me to feel like, at ease and comfortable to just sort of bring, whether my own humor or aspects of my own personality, I mean she’s very different than who I am, but I think in order to ground the character it was important to me that that felt comfortable in a safe, you know environment, to do so, so yeah…

Kelly: And what was your experience working with Marvel?

Ellen Woglom: Amazing. They really, I mean it’s been so exciting and they’re so inclusive and they’re so supportive, you know, back to the creative thing with my character, when I first got the job, Jeph Loeb called me and he was like, you know, ‘welcome to the family and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me or contact me directly” and I always felt that way, that I could and they’re really behind you and, it was a family, it feels like a family, and that was a really wonderful, wonderful way to feel and experience.

Kelly: And if you could give this show a hashtag to describe it, what would you choose?

Ellen Woglom: Amazing! No, I don’t know…ummm…#mynewfavoriteshow!


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