Phantom Trigger is a new game described as a “Hardcore Neon Slasher with RPG and Roguelike elements” with a fantasy horror 8 bit neon art style and an intriguing story line that makes you question what is real and what is fake.

Starting off, I realized there wasn’t much of a tutorial to this game and I had to experiment with my surroundings to learn the game. You can be surrounded by enemies at any given moment and the combat system relies on unlocking combos to achieve optimal fighting techniques. I found this very challenging, and even struggled with certain dungeon areas because it took me some time to figure out which weapons work best on which enemies. Even though I like a good challenge in a video game, I also prefer a little more instruction at the start so I don’t get too frustrated and I felt like Phantom Trigger lacked that. The story line however was very engaging. The game followed the story of a man named Stan, who you quickly learn is diagnosed with cancer. As you play, you jump back and forth between a present day reality story line and fantasy realm game play which seemed to signify Stan’s coping mechanism to dealing with his present problem. I praise Phantom Trigger’s decision to make it into a branching story line that offers multiple endings because it makes the game a unique experience for everyone and increases continuous playability. I also really enjoyed the art style which I felt drew me in to the game more. I liked the unique monsters presented in the game and I was interested to see what other creatures were lurking around the corner.

Overall I enjoyed the game but it will take me some time and a few more play throughs to fully grasp the gameplay, but my curiosity for Stan’s story is what will keep me motivated. Phantom Trigger is available on Steam for $14.99.

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