After discovering Jake’s powers, Dick Grayson, must decide how to deal with a powered son in Nightwing: The New Order #2.

In Metropolis 12 years ago ago heroes and villains fought for three days and three nights.  However, on the fourth day Dick aka Nightwing set something off which took away 90 percent of the powered individual’s powers.

Those whose powers were not taken away were given inhibitor meds to remove their powers.  However, the select few the meds didn’t work on were put into stasis until their powers could be removed.

Dick immediately took Jake to have his powers identified and suppressed.  It turns out his powers came from his missing mother, Starfire, and his powers are similar to hers.  The bad news is the doctors looked at Jake’s DNA and he is resistant to medication.

This is devastating news to Dick, but he will not give up on his son.  He is going to try to get his son on the Crusaders task force with his powers being allowed to go unsuppressed.

I was really surprised by how much I liked this comic.  It came out of nowhere for me and had heard nothing about it.  Nightwing is an awesome character and I like to see him and his abilities showcased.  I have not really seen his skills yet in the comic, but the little which is shown tells me he is still very formidable.

Their was a lot of nuance in the story being told so far.  Jake idolizes his father, but he also has Superman figures on his dresser.  I wonder how Jake feels about Superman being no more because of what his father did.  Where is Superman and the rest of the heroes and villains?  We know Batman is dead and we know Wally West is still on the loose with his powers.  However, we don’t know where anyone else is.

I like how Dick was made into a hero and was forced into that role once his identity was revealed.  He had parades thrown and statues made to honor what he did in Metropolis.  It does not seem like he liked what he did, but he thought it was necessary.  He keeps telling himself that at least.

The impact on whole DC universe is yet to be explored and I would love to see what else is going on out there.  I like that they are being vague, but I hope I get to see a little bit of the effects of Nightwing’s actions.  However, the series will only be six issues so I hope they hurry up.  The end of the issue sets up a badass Nightwing adventure.

An amazing comic I highly recommend to Nightwing fans like myself and I can’t wait to see where it goes.







Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by:  Trevor McCarthy

Cover by:  Trevor McCarthy

Release: 9/27/2017

Issue: 2

Publisher: DC Comics


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