According to fan site Making Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon will be in the possession of Lando Calrissian, played by Donald Glover this time around, in the young Han Solo movie. That part isn’t overly surprising since we know that Han wins the ship from Lando, which is something we’re likely to see in this movie. What is surprising is how different the Falcon is going to be. As Making Star Wars puts it, the ship is going to be “brand new.”

Making Star Wars states that the Falcon has “blue detailing all over it with a white base coat of paint.” Vastly different than what we’re accustomed to. Aside from the look, the site also claims that we are finally going to see the Millennium Falcon do what it was designed to do; deliver cargo. Surprisingly, after all of these years, we’ve never seen the Falcon do that on screen. Here’s how they explain it.

“Basically there’s an attachment that hooks into the front of the ship’s front “forks” and that elongates the front of the ship. It looks seamless but can also detached to drop a shipment of spice if Imperial entanglements get too complicated. The center of the ship allows for access to the cargo.”

There are a couple of ways to look at this. The Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic ships in movie history, not just Star Wars history. As such, many fans have quite the attachment to the ship as is, which could make this a bit unpopular. On the other hand, the ship has a rich history within the universe that hasn’t been fully explored and this movie is going to explore that. Many feel a bit uneasy about Lucasfilm doing a young Han Solo movie, since it’s Alden Ehrenreich and not Harrison Ford playing the scruffy nerf herder, but it sounds like they are at least trying to give us something new here.

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