One of the dangers involved in breaking movie news is that things are always very fluid, especially on a film like Silver and Black which still hasn’t nailed down a start date. Actors can drop out, roles can be altered in terms of size or importance or, in this case, be added to the film. You may recall our exclusive report on the characters who were set to be allied with Silver Sable in the film which, at the time included Powell and Klein, a couple of members of Silver’s Wild Pack. It now looks as if instead of having some loose ties to the comic book Wild Pack, the film will be diving into the deep end by giving Silver her team of mercs!

Joining Powell and Klein (who definitely will NOT resemble Lorna Kleinfeldt), will be Wild Pack members Chen, Arnold, and Morty. Powell will be Silver’s right-hand man and, just like in the comics, Morty will be her executive assistant. It looks as if Sony is taking a little inspiration from the Ultimate universe as in the film Chen will be a male merc and not the more well-known female bad-ass from the comics.

It seems that once she’s tasked with capturing Felicia Hardy, Silver sees an opportunity to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the film’s main villain, Mendell Stromm, and assembles (or possibly reassembles) the Wild Pack to help her out.

Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show this week for much more on Silver and Black!



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