Bloodwork: A Forthcoming Independent Comic.

Bloodwork has been a dream of writer William Harris for years, and now with the help of his artist friends, his dream is coming to fruition.

So your comic is called Bloodwork, how did you come up with it?

I actually came up with her name looking up old movies of all things. I had read about how Deadpool got his name and I saw an old Clint Eastwood movie so I looked up some of his other movies and saw Bloodwork and thought that’s perfect. Sounded like a name for a mercenary. Honestly, I’m surprised no one else had beat me to it.

It does sound perfect. So, Bloodwork is a mercenary? It doesn’t look like it’s by choice. What can you tell me about her origin without giving too much away?

Well, she is sort of a mercenary, but that’s just a means to an end. In the first story I posted, she receives a helmet that changes her from what she was, into what I like to call a Xion.

In my story, no one knows exactly what a Xion is, so this is like a first contact and in that world, I’m writing the less you know about someone the more dangerous an opponent they are.

Bloodwork herself doesn’t know exactly what she’s become, but the first chapter will give her hints. She’s going to need to understand herself to accomplish her goals or else.

Does she lose her memory? The first page says that she will be reborn. Does she lose her first life?

Yes. In the first story, she’ll have no memory of what she was prior to becoming a Xion. It’s one of the prices of wearing the helmet.

Is the helmet the key to her power?

Yes, it is. It’s the driving force for her story. Each Xion will have a unique helmet and look that gives hints to a character’s portrayal. Here, I’ll give you an example. One of the characters on the first pages has a flaming helmet. When you meet them in the story they’ll have sort of a wild fiery personality.

The helmets look like they were inspired by Power Rangers’ helmets, are they?

I get that a lot, but no they’re not.

Only because the visor is an open mouth.

They’re inspired by my childhood love of biker characters I saw as a child. Superforce, Street Hawk, and M.A.S.K, but I do see how you can say that. That part of the helmet sort of evolved from the design where she originally came to be. Comipa, my friend, and artist added that design… wow almost ten years ago, and it sort of stuck.

That’s the original?

Second version. This is an older design with the mouth.

How many artists do you have working on this?

Just Comipa right now, but I do have other artists that can help out if need be. I’ve had 3 that I’ve worked with in the past on her but for the moment Comipa is the main one. I do have a few people I can commission for back up just in case. I would like it to have a jam style when I get further in the comic. There’s some other takes on her that I enjoy. This take is from my close friend Ryuuen.

The art is fantastic. It’s absolutely beautiful. It looks completely professional.

He is nothing short of a professional perfectionist, whom I’m grateful to know and call brother.

So, is Bloodwork a graphic novel or will it be a continuous series?

I want to do a continuous story. There’s a lot of character ideas I want to do with her and have her intertwined. Like, I got one character that wants her name out of jealousy, another that wants her eyes and it’s a long list in my head.

That sounds awesome. So in the pages, you have so far, Bloodwork is hunting werewolves, is that her main target or are there other monsters?

There are other monsters. I just wanted to use werewolves because I felt like I couldn’t do anything useful with zombies and vampires that wasn’t currently being done. That’s why in the first story I introduce Lupatina. Other monsters will appear eventually but it’ll be (I hope) in a unique way fans will appreciate.

Anything else you want to add before we wrap up?

I just hope this story will be enjoyable and make a lot of fans obviously, but I’m hoping I can translate what I want to show and make it something special. I want it to be.

William Harris’s book, Bloodwork, is currently a work in progress and he is collecting donations on his Patreon. I have a monthly payment set-up and I cannot wait to see this beautiful project completed. The art is simply amazing. I’ve even bought prints of Bloodwork, because I love the art so much. If this looks like something for you, I recommend investing.

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