Everyone around Eric is making something of their lives, but one day Eric finds something which could change his in Joe Hill’s The Cape.

When Eric and his brother, Nick, were young they would play superheroes and villains. One day while they were playing Eric climbed up a tree to hide from his brother.  While up there a branch broke and his cape got caught on another branch.  It almost looked like Eric was flying for a moment.  However, it was only a moment before Eric fell down and was impaled by the branch on the ground and also suffered other injuries including severe brain injuries.

Eric made a full recovery, but he was no longer the happy go lucky kid.  He was an outcast at school and began to become a bit of a hermit.  One day Nick brought over his girlfriend, Angie. Eric and Angie really hit it off right away.  When Nick and Angie broke up it was Eric’s turn to date Angie and eventually moved in together.

As everyone got older Angie became a nurse and Nick went to medical school.  However, Eric had a hard time doing much of anything because he would get very bad headaches from the fall.  

Eric became bitter over everyone else’s success while he couldn’t hold down a job.  Angie and Eric broke-up and Eric moved into his mom’s basement.

In the basement Eric found the cape from his childhood.  His mom told him she had thrown it away after the accident.   He was cold so he wrapped himself in the cape and began to float in mid-air.

Eric flew over to Angie’s to show her his new ability.  They go on a flight together and it was very reminiscent of the magic carpet ride from Aladdin.  However, right at the most romantic put Eric drops and kills her on purpose.  This is a horror comic after all.

The rest of the comic is Eric taking revenge of people who have wronged him.

Joe Hill’s The Cape was written as a short story by Joe Hill and adapted into a comic by Jason Ciaramella.  Art was provided by Nelson Daniel and Zach Howard.  IDW Publishing published the comic in 2012.

I was fully expecting a superhero comic with maybe some dark violence and dark themes.  This comic is absolutely not that and is more akin to a slasher film.

The start of the issue was a little slow and boring, but once it kicked in it went lightning fast.  I liked the slow start because it lulled me into a safe space and then BOOM murder and mayhem.  I was caught very off guard and I loved it.  However, I was hoping to see Eric and Angie get back together but oh well.

Some of the scenes were very unrealistic, but it really worked for this comic.  At one point Eric is flying with a chainsaw and I fully expected him to cut a hole in the plane with the chainsaw.

This story was very dark and scary.  At every corner I expected to see Eric there and I was scared for everyone.

I recommend this as a great horror read for Halloween and it is an easy and quick read.

If you are looking for other Joe Hill horror or just a great horror series I suggest Locke & Key.  It takes place in a creepy mansion with magical keys and it will freak you out.  It is great and you’ll love it.


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