Bonnie Black is in her 70s and has had at least one stroke already.  She knows her time on Earth is nearly over, but find out what lies on the other side in Reborn: Book One.

Black has lost both her parents, her husband and her best friend.  She only has her daughter and granddaughter, but she is not ready to die yet.  Black’s best friend, Estelle, died from cancer a little while back as she refused treatment and she had no fear of death.  However, Black is not so brave.

One night while leaving the bathroom Black has a stroke and dies.  When she dies she is not transported to heaven or hell but is put into Adystria.  Adystria is a land of green fields and medieval fantasy with some technology.  

Black is dropped into a battlefield full of bodies.  A man literally takes a bullet for her.  After he kills a dragon for her he reveals he is her father and she is 25 years old again.  On their way back to camp Black learns she is the chosen one and the better person you were in life the more powerful you are in Adystria.  However, the opposite is true as well and the more evil the more powerful.

When they return to camp Black is reunited with old friends, family members and general acquaintances.  Black is destined to kill the lord of the Dark Lands, Golgotha.  However, first she wants to find her husband.

Reborn Book One was written by Mark Millar and art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia.  Image Comics published the book in 2017.

I could not put this book down.  It was amazing and I loved the whole feel of it.  Everyone wants to know what is after death and this comic has an interesting idea for that.  

The little touches were very well down.  The better person in life the more powerful in death.  In keeping that in mind Black’s best friend Estelle who lived a very religious life is the literal giant Queen of the Fairies.  All pets also go to Adystria as well and Black’s childhood dog Roy-Boy is there as her protector.

Black’s cat known now as General Frost is there too and wants revenge.  When Frost was nine months old he had his testicles cut off and hates her for it.  Frost can talk, but Roy-Boy can’t and I don’t know why.  The evil people are transformed so maybe that is why.

The lore of this book is amazing.  I am in this world I just want to know everything and see it all too. It is hard not to think about loved ones and pets on the other side waiting for me.  This book got me a little bit in the feels.  Some things are mentioned but not explained like how everyone is dropped in at a different age.

The colors used by Plascencia followed an interesting color theme.  Where the good people lived there was a lot of greens and yellows with everything light, but in the Dark Lands there are a lot of blues, reds and oranges with everything dark.  This made a good contrast between the lands.

I loved everything about this book, but I wished they would have explored the world and lore more.  It is not that I was left confused I just wanted more of this cool world and its lore.

This is a great fantasy book and I can say this is a must read for all comic book fans.



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