Peter Parker and Doc Ock switch brains in The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1.

Doc Ock was on his deathbed and was somehow able to switch bodies with Parker.  Ock gets put into Parker’s healthy body, but Parker was stuck in Ock’s dieing body.  Parker dies and this looks like the end of him.  However, a little piece of Parker is still in his old body.

Parker’s sense of responsibility is still present and makes Ock put on the costume and become a superior Spider-Man.  He wants to do a better job at being Spider-Man than Parker did.  Ock uses his intellect and Parker’s lab access to create spider drones to patrol the city.  Parker’s ghost looks on and encourages Ock to do the right thing.

Ock is able to track down the bad guys very quickly and fights with a new brutality.  The new Spidey is willing to seriously hurt and even kill his opponents.  Spider-Man’s costume is even different.  The suit now has visual tech in its eyes and the fingertips are now sharp.

This new tactic really troubles Parker and he is telling Ock not to but it is unclear if Ock can hear him.  However, this new Spidey has made his biggest critic into his biggest fan.  J. Jonah Jameson who is now the mayor applauds Spider-Man for doing what needs to be done.   

Spider-Man had been facing relatively minor foes up until this point, but a very deadly threat named Massacre will test out this new superior Spider-Man.

The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 was written by Dan Slott with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Ryan Stegman.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2013.

The premise for this comic was really cool.  It was nice change to see a different person take on the role of Spider-Man.  Seeing that Parker’s sense of responsibility runs so deep that it can change Ock’s mindset even without Parker’s consciousness inside was really interesting.

This is not a volume which will blow anyone away, but I think if I follow the whole story it will be great.  The story has all the necessary points of a great story.  I am really interested in if Ock will become good.  He is walking the line of good and evil right now and he could fall on either side on the line.

I am also very interested in how Parker reclaims his body.  He has to get it back, but I have now idea how his ghost can do so.

My only real complaint is the story is really slow.  It is revving its engine and I am waiting for it to take off from the starting line, but it just keeps revving.  Once it leaves the starting line I know it will be great, but I can only review this volume.  I wanted to see Ock fight more people and do more cool things.  This volume was just too much set-up for me.

This volume is a good set-up to following volumes, but you must be willing to withstand a slow paced volume.


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