Cyclops creates an Extinction team of mutants in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1.

Mutants have been viewed as the enemy for as long as anyone can remember, but Cyclops has a plan.  He assembles a team comprised of Namor, Magneto, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik, Storm, Danger, Hope Summers and himself.  This team is called the Extinction team and their job is to keep the humans from going extinct.

Cyclops theorizes the Avengers are beloved because they save the world all the time, but if the X-Men take that spot they will be beloved.  Humans will see mutants as heroes and no longer be scared of them or what evil they are capable of.

Out in a park a sleeping celestial has stood dormant for years.  The celestial has become a tourist attraction, but one night Mr. Sinister awakens it and takes its power.  This is the Extinction team’s first opportunity to showcase what they are capable of.  The celestial is on the verge of blowing up so Magneto uses his power to contain it while the rest of the team chase after Sinister.

While the Extinction team was fighting the celestial Sinister created his version of the World’s Fair or something like that.  He invites them to join him in his throne room.

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 was written by Kieron Gillen and art by Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2012.

This was a really disappointing comic.  I love X-Men and I love Cyclops.  A X-Men comic with some badass mutants assembled should be amazing, but it was very lackluster.  The volume was very boring.

Sinister is a major threat and the X-Men have a long history with him, but there isn’t that much fighting in the volume.  The X-Men never really seemed like they were in any kind of danger.  Every danger Sinister presented the X-Men solved it pretty quickly.

The X-Men don’t really do anything cool together.  There was no cool team moves or a shining moment for any character but Frost.  She gets her arm cut off and that was pretty bad ass.

It was a kinda nothing comic.  Nothing important happens and I don’t feel like anything in this comic has a lasting effect for the X-Men.  

However, one thing which is kinda important does begin in this comic.  Cyclops begins to believe it is better to be feared than loved.  This is the start of when Cyclops becomes more militant and begins to become more like Magneto.

A comic which tries and fails I can respect, but a comic which just plays it safe is the worst.  I want a comic to be important or at least somewhat important, but this felt like a placeholder comic.


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