EA has announced the closure of its Visceral Games studio. The studio has been around since the 90’s, with its first release being 1998’s Future Cop: LAPD for the original Playstation, Windows, and Mac. Since then, they had their hands in a number of different genres, including games in the Tiger Woods series, James Bond, The Sims, and the very popular Dead Space series. Most recently however, they’ve been working on a highly anticipated untitled Star Wars game.

Luckily for Star Wars fans, the game has not been shelved, but they have decided to move it in a new direction and have shifted the game to another design team at EA.

Concept art from Visceral Games Untitled Star Wars Game

While EA states that they will be using much of the work that has already been completed, since they are completely shifting the direction of the game, it’s impossible to say whether that’s just in regards to the visuals that have already been completed or if they’ll be using story elements as well. It’s also unknown if Amy Henning will be remaining with the project, moving on to another project at EA, or leaving the company completely. Henning is known for her work with Naughty Dog on the Uncharted series and it was assumed the new Star Wars game would be taking cues from that series. With these new changes, the new direction of the game is mostly unknown, except that it’s moving away from a linear, story-based gameplay style.

We’ve reached out to EA for comment on the closure of the studio and if we can expect to see the Dead Space series continue in the future and will update this article when we hear back.

UPDATE: EA has responded to my request for additional information and has made the following comment:

We don’t have any further announcements to make today, but our portfolio of Star Wars titles is vibrant and growing. We are deeply committed to our partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm, as well as our license of the Star Wars IP. We have many more Star Wars experiences to come for players on every platform. We are weeks away from launching Star Wars Battlefront II, a vastly-expanded experience over the previous title, with a lot of player momentum coming out of our recent open beta. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes continues to be a top-performing title on the mobile charts.


 I tried to press for clarification about whether or not the door was open for future installments of the Dead Space series, however, EA could not provide an update about that at this time.

Source: IGN

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