All good superhero teams have a heavy. The Thing, The Hulk, Colossus…err…Superman; at some point, you’re gonna need someone who can simply trample straight through you enemies. For the Inhumans, that heavy is Gorgon, Black Bolt’s cloven-hoofed bodyguard with an earthquake stomp. On ABC’s new Inhumans TV show, Gorgon is played by Eme Ikwuakor, and our own Kelly Bohart had the chance to speak with him at the Inhumans IMAX red carpet premiere. Read on or watch the video to see which other MCU character Ikwuakor would like to pit Gorgon against and how much he enjoyed the creative freedom Marvel gave him in developing his character.

Kelly: So Gorgon is considered to be the rock of the Inhumans, what other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would you like to see him face up against?

Eme Ikwuakor: Of course Hulk. Of course Hulk. Like, how could you not have it against Hulk? Cause who’s actually stronger?

Kelly: Do you think that he could stand a chance against Hulk? Could he beat Hulk?

Eme Ikwuakor: Yeah I think I could, because I believe that I am more controlled. As long as I keep him not angry, I’m at an advantage. The second he gets mad, then it’s an even match after that. Even match after that.

Kelly: Did you know much about the Inhumans before taking on the role?

Eme Ikwuakor: I did not, I did not. But through the process I’ve been able to take so much of it in. And I just love the huge family aspect, and the politics, and how relatable it is to the world that we live in today. You know, it was written back I 1965, but even today it’s still very [relevant] to the world that we’re seeing right now.

Kelly: Would you consider yourself a nerd, and if so what kind of things are you into?

Eme Ikwuakor: I am a nerd, I am. Like, I wanna come off like I am actually cool. I’m not. I will admit that I did start playing Dungeons & Dragons, I’m not going to lie. And I am pretty clumsy, I’m not gonna lie. I do very, very nerdy things that I think are actually cool.

Kelly: Which of your character’s powers did you enjoy the most?

Eme Ikwuakor: One of my character’s powers? Of course the stomp, of course. I don’t know if you can have that power and not enjoy it. Cause he’s just like, “get away from me,” stomp[s] down, create destruction.

Kelly: What was it like working with Marvel on this scale?

Eme Ikwuakor: Marvel is just—the very first day that we walked in, literally, they sat us down and it was Jeph [Loeb], Megan, and Raoul, and we just talked backstory of Marvel, and they gave me so much flexibility and creativity and personal involvement into the series, and I loved that. In regards to a show, I’ve never had this much freedom, and you really feel part of a family, and I absolutely love it. It’s literally a dream come true.

Kelly: Do you think that we could see any possible ties with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the future?

Eme Ikwuakor: [Smiles] I don’t know. You’ll have to wait and see.

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