We at That Hashtag Show have been bringing you news on the cast of DC Entertainments live-action Titans again and again and again. While most had thought the show might be done adding to its main cast, we’ve uncovered some new breakdowns that indicate a few more major players are being added to the story! With help from our friends at Titans Podcast, we think we may know which other DC character could be showing up on the show. Check out the new characters below!

[DANIEL CROSS] Male, 17-19, Caucasian. Athletic, street smart, cocky, yet charming. His life is changed forever when he crosses a crime fighter and is given a new outlet for his rebellious ways. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[JENNIFER ANDREWS] Female, 20s/30s, Caucasian. Small town, Midwestern girl gone to Hollywood, Jennifer is a star on the rise. She comes across a doe-eyed, All-American and naive in her approach to her art, and life. Jennifer emulates the classic girl-next-door actors from the 1940’s and 50’s. A bit Stepford-y in her thinking and appearance, Jennifer feels like a woman out of time. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[CAROLINE] Female, 40s, Caucasian. Forever sleepless with worry, she’s the mother to a young, troubled teen. Seeking a recognizable cameo face or name. GUEST STAR.

[THE MESSENGER] Male, 50s-60s, Open ethnicity. Outwardly a warm and kind presence, he doesn’t seem the type to be powerful or malicious. But he has the ability to turn on a dime and be the most terrifying man you have ever met. Seeking offer only names/recognizable faces…RECURRING GUEST STAR.

It certainly seems as though we may be getting another member or two of the team, a mom of one of the team and someone who we can expect to see working for the show’s main villain. While the big story here is the additional cast, we always like to have some fun guessing at who these characters may be!

Roy Harper


Danny Chase

We debated whether or not DANIEL CROSS was more likely to be Roy Harper or Danny Chase, aka Phantasm. We obviously don’t know which is which, but when we think about the Titans, we think about Roy Harper being a part of the team. It seems like the show is set up to run multiple seasons, so we could see a young Harper introduced to the team in Season One and set up for a bigger arc in future seasons. We also like Chase because we felt that, at some point, doubling up on a lot of characters that also exist in CW’s Arrow-verse seems like a bad idea, but again…it’s the Titans!

Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Girl

Rita certainly fits the bill here. A former Hollywood actress who gained her powers while filming in Africa, Rita became Elasti-Girl, a hero capable of changing the size and shape of her body to incredible extremes. Known for her time as a member of the Doom Patrol, Farr also became the adoptive mother of one of the Titans in the comics: Beast Boy.

Angela Roth, aka Arella

We know that Raven’s story is one of the driving pieces of the season-long plot, so we aren’t surprised to see a breakdown that could be hinting at her mother. Arella conceived Raven with the powerful demon Trigon but did not raise her from birth. We could see her being reworked a bit in the show but given what we know about Raven and her importance to the series, we think this is a likely fit.

Brother Blood

Another character that would be a repeat of one from Arrow-verse, Brother Blood is so intricately tied to the Titans (his first appearance was in Teen Titans #21) that we think this could be him. His connection to the Titans and to Trigon, Raven’s father and the being of worship for the Church of Blood cult, make him a solid choice.

One thing is for sure, whoever it is these characters are, we are looking very forward to the show and how the team grows over time!

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