Welcome to Gingerdale, That Hashtag Show’s Riverdale After Show! Sarah and Daniel are BACK!  Join the conversation as they discuss the Season 2 opener: “A Kiss Before Dying” and give away the Riverdale Companion Comic Book!

Riverdale is BACK with its strongest numbers ever! According to Deadline,

“the season 2 opener drew a series-high 2.3 million viewers and a 0.8 adult 18-49 and 18-34 ratings. It posted massive gains vs. its so-so series debut in the Thursday 9 PM slot in January; up 67% in viewers, 60% in 18-49, 100% in 18-34, and 467% in teens (1.7), leading the CW to a time-period win in teens and posting the CW’s highest-rated telecast in the teen demo in five years, since The Vampire Diaries on October 11, 2012.”

That is HUGE! Whatever reason all of you lovely people started watching Riverdale I thank you! With numbers like that there’s sure to be a season 3!

Riverdale Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying – 3.75/5

The season 2 opener was definitely strong and answered the ultimate cliffhanger question of the season 1 finale: is Fred Andrews going to die? SPOILER ALERT No. No he is not. All while setting up the seasons next big bad, The Black Hood. Bye-bye pedophile Grundy! Is it wrong I’m kinda rooting for the bad guy now?

As the episode opens, we see Archie dragging his father into the hospital after being shot by the man in the mask. Thanks to Dr. Masters (a deep cut for all you Archie Comics fans) and after a handful of death dreams, Fred Andrews is alive and…not well, but alive.

Reeling from his father being shot, Archie isn’t handling it well, but Veronica is more than happy to take his mind off the situation. Steamy shower sexy anyone? Only to have Archie lash out at her for trying to be helpful and go through his father’s belongings to see if there’s anything important. Turns out, the one thing of importance is missing–Fred’s wallet. Why?

While Fred is fighting for his life and the angel of death is knocking on his subconscious, Fred relives his moment of being shot over and over, but the first one gave us a great view of the shooters bright green eyes! Remember those eyes people, they’re going to be incredibly important.

Cheryl, who is slowly becoming my favorite character on the show, is the Queen of Spin. This girl is suffering from a serious case of Lie-abetes. Cheryl puts a magnificent spin on the family house fire story, making her mother the hero that saved them all while getting burnt up in the process; Brava Cheryl, Brava!

Then Cheryl flips the switch into her own version of The Bad Seed, and threatens her mother all the while hinting at the fact that she knows Mommy killed her father. I mean, if my husband murdered our son I’m pretty sure all rules are off. I’m loving that all these kids and I are on the same “who done it?” theory page.

If you recall the Gingerdale video we released last week, Daniel and I discussed the top 5 “Who shot Fred Andrews” suspects according to the internet. Number one on our list, Hermione Lodge, Veronica’s mother. Turn out, Veronica thinks so too. After that epic confrontation and interaction with her father and mother at the dinner table I’m holding solid to that theory for now.

Thanks to a CASTING BREAKDOWN we’ve received here at Gingerdale, we know that the man going around killing people is none other than The Black Hood. The question is, who is he? Why is he shooting Fred Andrews and switching towns to strangling Pedo-Grundy?

Speaking of new towns. Did you notice the name? Pedo-Grundy was hiding out in the neighboring town of Greendale! Who lives in Greendale? None other than Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Whether Sabrina gets her own show or becomes a full fledged character on Riverdale I can’t wait for her to join the wild ride that is Riverdale.

What did you think of the season opener? Are you excited for what’s ahead? Who do you think shot Fred Andrews? Who is the Black Hood? Make sure to join us for the conversation everything Wednesday night at 9:30 on Gingerdale, a Riverdale Reaction and After Show!

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